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With every woman who invests, we get one step closer to beating the financial gender gap


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Not investing could cost you a fortune


On average, the stock market increases 8% every year*. Calculate how much your money could grow, if you start investing today. It’s probably more than you think.




DKK 1000

DKK 60 000 By Saving**DKK 76 031 By Investing*


* Source: MSCI World Index since 1987 (Morgan Stanley).

** For investing, we assumed your initial deposit, plus the same amount invested every month with the average market return of the MSCI World Index since 1987 of 8.0% (not accounting for inflation).

*** For saving, we assumed your initial deposit plus the same amount invested every month with no interest rate (not accounting for inflation).


Beat the Gap is a global campaign empowering women to start investing thereby closing the financial gender gap. Women on every continent have filmed themselves beating their chest in support of the movement. Use this filter on Instagram to show your support.


Pernille Harder

”Knowing that a career in football won't last forever, I want to safeguard my future and prepare for what's to come. Therefore I recently joined Female Invest as I'm looking to grow my money. Wages are still different from those of men and while it seems like there's a long way until we reach an equal stage, the least we can do is to take personal responsibility and work towards financial equality through investments in ourselves.”

World's Best Female Football Player


Nina Thandeka Mogensen

“The work of Female Invest is so important in breaking down the intimidating and male dominated facade of finance. By making investing accessible, Female Invest is elevating the conversations we have amongst ourselves as women around our financial freedom. Because it really just comes down to this, freedom. Giving yourself the power to make decisions out of desire and not out of fear, can only lead to living a more authentic (bad-ass) life.”

Female Invest Ambassador


Holly Y. Pan

"The world of investing is heavily dominated by men, and as a woman it can be difficult to not feel excluded. But that's really a shame because investing is one of the most powerful tools to close the financial gender gaps. I am proud to play a role in helping women take matters into their own hands through this campaign. Let's beat the gap together."

Female Invest Ambassador


Tiwa Ogunlesi

“I think it's important for women to invest because financial freedom is crucial. When you have your own money you feel more confident and empowered to make your own decisions. Being part of the campaign is important to me because growing confidence is something you have to be strategic about and investing and building wealth is a crucial part of that.”

Founder of Confident & Killing It


Scarlett Curtis

“Throughout history, women have been systematically excluded from the world of investment and this presentation of finance being a “bro’s only” space has left so many of us feeling intimidated and terrified by the mere mention of a stock. I am endlessly inspired by the work Female Invest is doing to smash the glass ceiling of the investment world and create a space where everyone feels welcome.”

Author & Co-Founder of The Pink Protest


Mia Wagner

”Uniting women to close the financial gender cap is crucial to succeed with gender equality. First we got the right to vote. Then we got the opportunity to make our own money. Now it is time for equal financial status and independence. Learning to invest is a great way to take ownership of your own destiny and contribute to closing the gender gap. As women we must unite. Let’s beat the gap!"

Investor & CEO at Nordic Female Founders

Why Female Invest?


Female Invest is a social e-learning platform on a mission to beat the financial gender gap. We give women the tools to make the most of their money and begin investing. Why? We believe that money is power. Power to be independent, power to prioritize what really matters and power to live life on your own terms.